All-in-one Layouts


Calendar Layout

Calendar Layout - Visualize monthly, weekly, daily data and take actions. Power of internationalization with month, week, day, list with time slot views.


Planner Layout

Visualize yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly historical data and plan future. Bulk data can be drilled down from yearly to quarterly to monthly to weekly unit with ease navigation to current year, quarter, month, week.


GeoMap Layout

Visualize your business, customers, prospects geographically clustered with color code to understand their location and take actions.


Resource Layout

Visualize your resources with related items for the month, week and day.


View your calendars in an agenda view, easily view, add and edit any calendar objects right from your phone.

  • Interactive Engagement
  • Instant Online and Offline access
  • Productivity Improvement and Cost reduction
  • Push Notifications and instant updates


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