Product FAQ

The Salesforce Organization (Org) ID is the unique identifier for your Salesforce Environment. Use the steps below to find your Org ID:

Click Setup.

For Lightning:

For Classic:

Navigate to Administration Setup > Company Setup> Company Information. (Type 'company' in the Quick find Box.)

There is a Organization ID field starting with 00Dxxx. This is your Salesforce Org ID.

To resolve your issues, Appohm Technologies requires Login access of your Salesforce org. To provide access to our Support Representative, please go through the following steps:

Salesforce Classic User Interface:

Depending on the Organization, the Setup button is next to the logged in user's name at the top right of the page or listed as a drop-down option when the logged in user's name is clicked.

Follow the below mentioned steps in Salesforce Classic User Interface:

1. Navigate to Your Name --> My Settings --> Personal --> Grant Account Login Access.

2. Use the Access Duration picklist to set the number of days to allow Login Access.

3. Click Save.

Lightning Experience User Interface:

1. Click on the logged in user's avatar in the top right-hand side of the screen and choose Settings.

1. Click on Grant Account Login Access.

2. Use the Access Duration picklist to set the number of days to allow Login Access.

3. Click Save.

Sandbox is not a stand-alone product, you need to have a Production SFDC org in order to get a Sandbox. When you are logged into a SB it is usually indicated by a black oval with the name of your SB org in bold white letters at the top of every page.

There are multiple ways to identify:-

1) Look at your URL, if you login at it's sandbox.

2) Login will bring you to (x replaced with a number). Like

3) Using SOQL

SELECT Id, InstanceName, IsSandbox, Name, OrganizationType FROM Organization

To utilize All-in-One features click on "Create Remote Site Setting" Button and the app will create Remote Site for you.

The All-in-One app requires access to the Salesforce Metadata API of your Salesforce organization before you can utilize the features of All-in-One. This is the first and one time step of configuration after the installation of All-in-One.

Fieldsets are required to create/edit records of an Sobject within App. Fieldset can be created by using the following steps -

1. Add a New Configuration.

2. Under Sobjects Table, Click on name of Sobject. (You will be redirected to Create Fieldset Page)

3. Create new fieldset with Name “CAFields”.

4. Include Sobject fields whose values you need during creation of Sobject record.

5. After Saving, Go to All-in-One Tab.

6. Click on a Day Box in calendar layout, Select the Sobject whose Fieldset you just created. The form will show only those fields which you included in Fieldset.

7. Fill details and Save.