Salesforce integration Services

Salesforce CRM Integration

One of the most common use cases of integration is that of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software integration.Integrating Salesforce with an organization’s already existing ERP works best for those who wish to experience the best out of both.

Salesforce API Integrations

Integration of Salesforce with your particular API can help you to update, send, receive,or even delete the data as per your business needs and requirements.We have executed several successful projects of creating custom web services to integrate with websites, mobile applications, external cloud applications (like Accounting), data aggregation services etc.

Email Marketing Integrations

Integration of CRM with Marketing automation systems will help in better aligning Marketing and Sales functions. Such integrations help you in designing customer journeys, engaging with prospects, lead nurturing, and better campaign management.

Integration with Ecommerce Platforms

If your company is using an ecommerce platform like Magento, Shopify – integrating your CRM can help you in better topline and customer service. Typically such integrations integrate customer information, order information, inventory information etc.

Salesforce Email & Calendar Integration

Our team can help you by integrating with email and calendering services. We have observed a considerable improvement in productivity when emails, tasks and calendars are integrated.

Salesforce CTI integrations

Our team of integration experts can help you by integrating telephony platforms with Salesforce. We can help you with both on-premise and cloud based telephony services.Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) with third party telephony can help you improve customer service. Some of the common use cases include One Click Calls, Automatic Calling, Call Routing & Distribution, Call Popups, Call Logging, Call Recording, and Call Metrics.

Key Highlights | Appohm Salesforce Integration Services

  • Seamless & Accelerated Development
  • On-time Delivery
  • Vast Integration Options
  • Security Check
  • Latest Tools and Technologies
  • Experience

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