Highlights Of The Most Popular All-in-One Layout Product

Appohm has the power and capability to raise every company as per their needs & requirements, today & tomorrow.

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Appohm makes gratifying understanding with salesforce that remakes the way of accomplishing a business. We are a leading software engineering service company based in India, specializing in Salesforce with our most influential product All-In-One Layout.

Our New All-In-One Layout


Visualize your business at a glorified rank and receive quality work with All-in-one Layout. All-in-one layout is our core competency with the availability of different layouts that offers you adequate benefits and make your work & schedule manageable. Calendar Layout– Multiple views in one setup help you fulfill all your requirements along with the customized feature that can be used as per your business demands. It is the best app that provides you with the system to be arranged skillfully and tailored features to help you get what you wish according to your project needs and for your team. Manage the campaigns, activities, and bids to make the process comfortable and improve user adoption, you can also view, schedule & edit plans, tasks, appointments, bookings, and much more. This tailored app is beneficial to all with a small number of employees or a larger team. It runs smoothly and offers effective results by filtering the data respecting user security. Planner Layout- Make it easy to record appointments, bookings, campaigns & much more in a year or quarter or month view. Mark the most important events for your project in an organized planner with simple steps to support the team working efficiently in a free environment. Plan and keep a track of activities of a day, week, or month with simple steps and easy clicks and save records in one file for easy access. Resource Layout- Check out and view your resources with related items for the month, week, and day. All accounts, events, and contacts are all in one place with a detailed view of meetings, appointments, and related information. Use color-coding for various accounts, and events to get organized & easy to look at for instant understanding by everyone. Keeping it secret or sharing the record among all the team members is totally under the admin’s control. GeoMap Layout- Review everything geographically using color coding to get the right location and plan the steps. Set data rules to access geomap layout and update after every modification made by the admin is necessary. These layouts drive your working with Salesforce campaigns much nicer by generating an interactive app.


Benefits From All-In-One Layout


Balance your workload with the multi-users feature, and keep a track and record of each user’s calendar. Plan, and schedule your campaigns with drag & drop management. Build up-to-the-minute maps, project plans, resources, events, and many more with a team of few or coordinating with thousands. We provide you the freedom of customizing it entirely according to your organization’s needs. Customize your calendar display, color coding, and easy filtration. Monthly, weekly and daily data give you the right visibility. Keep it confidential or share your schedules with an up-to-date marketing calendar.
Time-saving activities from scheduling reservations or bookings to managing a meeting all you wish you get in seconds with All-in-one Layout, Salesforce calendar app at Appohm.
Security is the priority, pre-installed security features that authorize business owners to select who within their organization can access their data make this a very reliable and secure software.
Customer success is our utmost principle to support customers as per their needs and take their business to the path of success by constructing an entire ecosystem around customer success. With a team of customer success managers, program architects, a broad network of partners, and independent software, we work with you to keep delivering value, even as your business grows and changes. Appohm All-In-One Layout team is always dedicated to helping you get the most out of your salesforce investments.
The prime feature and benefit that Appohm provides are its exceptional services for all that do not affect its performance among large-scale or small-scale industries. That states all companies get the same benefits & have access to tailored components with common networking, hardware, and software platforms.




We are in the industry of decoding business concerns, easy or complicated, extensive or smallish for our clients. We generate resolutions by working with customers to execute & facilitate their business processes with the great strength of the Salesforce Platform.
We support businesses to get more promising customer relationships and band more productively using innovative clouds such as Salesforce.
We implement the best business strategy by choosing the right thing for our customers/ partners. We have been trusted by our clients across the globe for providing services with full clarity and working with honesty & dedication.
We focus on customers’ goals and function towards guaranteeing success. Our mission is to authorize different companies to acquire the most out of their investment in Salesforce.