What is Salesforce Digital Engagement?


Salesforce Digital Engagement is a form to reply to messages via completely different media including WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger, and Webchat. Digital Engagement is important in today’s digital world, making certain the right customer support services through various communication methods. It’s chiefly helpful in service-based situations, it can even be applied for sales functions.

Digital engagement with Appohm is an interaction between an external consumer/customer and a company through varied online channels.

Engage customers at the right time across any digital channel like mobile messaging, web chat, social networks, and a lot of others to produce seamless service expertise.

Digital Engagement is the approach to locating customers’ touchpoints and delivering a personalized experience. Today in this blog, Appohm will give an overview of Salesforce Digital Engagement. The journey of customer comprises marketing, selling, and providing service in such a way that it switches between multiple channels without any interruptions. 

Furthermore, the businesses are also capable of providing a uniform service across varied channels while using several messaging apps. This is accomplished in a more effective way with the help of automation such as chatbots. 


Features Of Salesforce Digital Engagement


Digital Engagement features are involved in Salesforce Service Cloud and Sales Cloud

  • Create rules to link channel interactions to things like contacts quickly. Fine-tune rules automatically link sales representatives with recommended records to link.
  • Webchat reaches out to the prospects with timely data once they visit the website to stay on the webpage. It additionally will increase productivity by permitting the sales representatives to interact with multiple choices at the same time.
  • Einstein Bots release up the sales representatives’ time by handling routine requests and gathering data to assist with the upcoming chat. For instance, sales representatives can collect lead information to assist with the forthcoming conversation.  
  • Messaging mechanically follows up on leads by sending SMS text messages once filling out the net type. As a result, representatives can build equal relationships and engage with prospects and customers. 


Benefits Of Salesforce Digital Engagements


Attempt Consumer Complaints 


Attempt Consumer Complaints automatically with the proper usage of Einstein Bots, there can be straightforward automation of common queries or maybe typical business activities that are spread across digital channels to get started with the AI. Einstein Bots are engineered natively on the Salesforce platform. Thus, the agent would be capable of creating an experience once, which can later be distributed across multiple digital channels, like in-app and web chat, SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. Furthermore, Einstein Bots would even be able to do some pretty straightforward tasks that too directly with the shoppers. These tasks would come with responsive easy FAQs and additionally guide the purchasers through common workflows.


No More Need for Screen Swapping


The conversations that are collected from all the channels are directed to the right agent smoothly at the proper time with the assistance of omnichannel routing. With the right usage of this asynchronous nature of digital engagement, the employees of any organization can handle many cases more quickly. This would be possible by switching between up to 10 chats at a single time rather than just one phone call. 

Moreover, specifically on the Lightning Service Console, all of the information and data which will be needed by the agent would be simply accessible, that too from one screen. It’d additionally enable the agents to spend less time trying to find answers and have longer in hand to make up consumer relationships, which might additionally lead to improved overall expertise.


Having Personalized and Connected Services


Customers would eventually abandon those brands that do not offer customizable communications. Optimizing the service channel interaction of a company is a must and that can be easily done while using Digital Engagement. With the assistance of this, the consumers’ demand can be simply reached by a company with the right channel at the proper moment, like chat, message, and social networks. With constant, client satisfaction may be simply improved alongside brand loyalty by optimizing each of the encounters. Later, this method is proceeded by enhancing addition as guaranteeing automation throughout each encounter with the assistance of Einstein Bots which might be able to resolve the problems more quickly and by showing intelligence. 




Salesforce Digital Engagement is an especially powerful tool, and once coupled with Reports and Dashboards, offers Service and Sales Managers an audit path of what’s being aforesaid, and key metrics like the number of conversations had inside a selected timeframe.

As this can be still one of the newer Salesforce products, there are some limitations to be aware of such as not being able to change the ownership of a conversation, not having the ability to look at Facebook/WhatsApp messages, and limitations around a number of the connected fields in formulas and validation rules. Over time we’ll have to see how the product develops however I’m positive that with 3 unleash updates annually, this tool can still improve and be better!