Universal Cloner


Clone up to Five levels

Universal Cloner is an efficient and powerful app for Salesforce Users aimed to gain the clone functionality up to 5 levels sObject hierarchy with the utmost ease.


Cloner Configurations

Cloner Configuration defines the cloning process of an sObject record. These Configurations allow Admin to -

  • Set Default field values
  • Choose Notes/Attachment/Files to include in Cloning
  • Control which Relationships to include and much more.

Cloning Process

Universal Cloner allows cloning of an sObject record in three easy configurations:

  • Create Cloner Configuration for the sObject
  • Create a Detail Page Button
  • Add Button on sObject Page Layout

Cloner Features

Features Limited Version Unlimited Version
Clone Source Record Upto 5 levels limited to 5 records/configurations Upto 5 levels no limits on records
Sobjects Limit 5 No Limit
Configuration Limit 10 No Limit
Records Limit 100 No Limit
Clone Records with 1-Click
Review Records
User Clone
New Record with default values Create unlimited records with default values
Copy Attachments Admin can control copying attachments with records
Copy Notes Admin can control copying notes with records
Copy Files Admin can control copying files with records